VMware Template Management, Reimagined for the 21st Century

In the modern day SDDC, the ability to create a VM or template consistent, repeatable, and streamlined is a requirement. Using open source projects like Packer, Ansible, and InSpec you can build this nirvana. Using Packer to create a template, Ansible to do your configuration management, and then trigger InSpec scanning of your compliance policies all on vSphere. In this talk, we will walk through the required foundational knowledge to build this pipeline. In this talk you’ll learn:

  • Overview of why creating pipelines is Important
  • Overview of Packer, Ansible, and Inspec
  • A demo of using the pipeline on the VMware on IBM Cloud
  • Resources to start learning implementing portions for yourself



JJ Asghar


JJ works at IBM on the IBM cloud as a Developer Advocate. He’s focusing on the IBM Kubernetes Service trying to make companies and users have a successful on boarding to the Cloud Native ecosystem.