Build, Deploy and Run Serverless Applications on an Enterprise-Ready Kubernetes Platform

Kubernetes is being adopted as the de-facto container orchestration platform by enterprises all across. Several open source technologies are being built around kubernetes. Serverless and CI/CD are also becoming Kubernetes-native. But stitching together these solutions involves some good amount of work and getting all these enabled to run in your datacenter is a much bigger challenge.

OpenShift is a fully open source enterprise-ready Kubernetes implementation that brings technologies needed to containerize and cloud enable enterprise data centers into a single platform. Some exciting kubernetes-native technologies based on Knative, Tekton and other supporting tools are all being built into this platform. These technologies enable you to both containerize and run kubernetes based serverless workloads either in your datacenter or on public cloud. . * Tekton is a kubernetes-native framework for CI/CD * Knative-Serving provides serverless building blocks for running containerized applications as serverless solutions on a kubernetes platform * Knative-eventing enables asynchronous application development through event-delivery from anywhere * kn and tkn are command line tools that provide seamless experience in using these technologies

In this session, we will tie all these technologies together. We will build and application using OpenShift Builds/Tekton, deploy it as a serverless application and integrated with eventing mechanisms offered via Knative Eventing.

Audience coming to this session will: - Understand Knative Serving, Knative Eventing and Tekton - Watch demos to see these technologies in action



Veer Muchandi

Veer Muchandi is a Container Evangelist and an Open Source Enthusiast. As a Chief Architect - Container Solutions NACS, he helps enterprises with Container Strategy, DevOps, Microservices strategy. He ...