Let's play a real life Dungeon and Dragons

Does your team struggle with context and is scared of going on-call? New team members take a lot of time to get on-boarded? Are you looking for a fun way to increase the knowledge of your team? If your answers are mostly “yes”, then this talk is for you.

D&D is a brief concept discussed in the SRE book. A number of engineering teams at Pivotal use this technique to prepare team members for going on-call. The idea is to re-investigate a recent on-call incident with the team. The team tells the Dungeon Master what they would do or query to understand or solve the problem, and the dungeon master tells the team what happens with each action or observation.

In this highly interactive session, I will be acting as Dungeon Master as we roleplay some real life issues. We will have a few scenarios in which something is not working properly and volunteers from audience will go through a series of questions/steps to isolate those problems. We will see how the D&D exercise can provide more context of the infrastructure to the volunteers. These issues will be fairly common, but the process of going through debugging these issues as a team is fun and a great learning exercise. The key takeaway for audience is how to hold a similar session for their team and gain more confidence on going on-call.



Garima Sharma

Garima Sharma is DevOps at Pivotal, New York. Coming from developer background, she has been working in DevOps for more that 5 years with various Agile teams. She has worked on cloud providers like ...