The Origin of Devops at Northwoods

For over a decade Northwoods sold and implemented thick-client application, installed on-premises. Over the past three years, Northwoods has designed and built a SaaS offering hosted on AWS, and evolved a collaboration between ops and dev teams to rapidly deliver updates and on-board new customers. At the beginning of the project, deploying a application more often than every 6 months was unheard of, developers did not get frequent feedback about how the applications they built were working, and security was the responsiblity of the customer (who owned the servers and network). Come learn how we got from there to multiple deploys a week, on-call developers triaging and fixing application issues in response to real-time alerts, and having a secure SOC2 compliant service.


Charles Hepner

Charles Hepner is a DevOps Lead at Northwoods, a software and services company working to empower eligibility and social workers in Economic Assistance, Child Support, and Child Welfare agencies ...