Environments as Cattle

Description: Fully automated environments enable you to create and destroy environments as needed, which provides the flexibility of integration testing before code is merged into the main line. This ability allows engineers to take more risks on changes with less consequence of disturbing the teams around them. Less disruption empowers higher productivity.

Abstract: Production is not the only environment whereact on a company or organization. At any point in the software development life cycle, an engineer who is blocked or making unplanned fixes is a financial drain. Many organizations struggle with downtime in their integration environments, which can halt development and testing. When environment creation is fully automated and parameterized correctly, short-lived environments can be used for basic integration testing before changes are merged into the main line. In turn, more stable environments for QA, and UAT are maintained. This shift lowers the amount of unplanned maintenance and engineering time wasted waiting for integration before moving on to a new task. By fully automating environment creation, a world of possibilities reveals itself. downtime has a financial imp



Derek DeJonghe

Derek has had a lifelong passion for technology. His background and experience in web development, system administration, and networking give him a well-rounded understanding of modern web ...