How NOT to get hired in DevOps

I’ve recently had the pleasure of growing our DevOps team. Over the last few months I’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes and had dozens of interviews with all types of candidates. Developers, SysAdmins, Students, PHD’s, and a few DevOps Engineers. I’ve worked with recruiters as well as direct to hire candidates.

In this talk, I’m going to go over a few things that you should and shouldn’t do when trying to land that perfect gig.

It’s no secret that SysAdmins, DevOps Engineers, SRE’s, and many others in technology aren’t the best marketers of themselves. This is most prominent with the most experienced ones. Now that DevOps is upsetting the apple cart with SysAdmins, they need to be reminded of the fundamentals of interviewing. Those same fundamentals apply to even the most novice of candidates.



Jeff Turner

Problem Solver, Developer, Father, Drummer, Motorcyclist.