How to be a Failure

Failure is not always bad, it just feels bad. Failure is also typically the most powerful teacher, which sounds pretty positive. We all fail from time to time, so why is it that collectively we have a poor attitude about failure? Why do we attempt to hide our mistakes? Why is this even worse in IT and technology? Might we ALL learn more if we had a better attitude around failure?

In this talk I’ll share some of the psychological structures around failure and then provide ways that we can make failure a positive part of our professional and organizational development. We’ll explore the role failure has in increasing performance and achieving organizational goals. I will talk about how there is nothing wrong with being a failure; it’s more about how we all respond to our failures.



Josh Atwell

Josh is a Senior Technology Advocate at Splunk, focused on helping IT organizations evolve to support the growing demands on them. He has worked within the realm of IT for over 20 years beginning with ...