SSO on Cloud - Gateway Approach


On cloud, traditional policy agent based provisioning of SSO becomes a huge bottleneck for scaling at will and diversity on demand. By centralizing the policy enforcement into a centralized pass through layer we de-coupled app teams to realize maximum benefits offered by cloud.

Here is a set of our accomplishments at a very high level, that I would like to share as part of the talk:

  • Seamless/ transparent scaling, updating of authentication/ security layer, with zero touchpoint to application infrastructure.
  • Flexible policy enforcement point to support current platform, while migrating towards standards-based system.
  • Continuous Authentication by policy enforcement in various categories like IP monitoring, Device fingerprinting, session hijacking, real time URL blocking.
  • Continuous Enforcement and real time configuration of levels of assurance to online assets/ endpoints.
  • Uniform protection across the organization, with self service capabilities.
  • Preventing fraud, by intercepting and evaluating traffic towards backend systems/ app to app communication.




Vijay Challa

Vijay challa is a member of Identity, Access Management and Emerging Technologies group at Verizon and is responsible for solutions to support identity, authentication, single sign on, security and ...