A Journey to become more agile - A Weedmaps Story

How Weedmaps transformed from going from Bi-Weekly releases to multiple releases a day and the various changes we made along the way. This talk will also offer other lessons learned along the way.

Topics to cover:

  • Where we are now (multiple releases a day across 15+ projects)
  • Where we were a few years ago (Bi-weekly releases/train/coordinated releases across less than 5 projects)
  • Just because you are continuously releasing doesn’t mean that you’re practicing good Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployments
  • Stopping the chaos
  • How we reduced deployment times and improved MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery)
  • Using Circle 2
  • Gathering Metrics and what to gather
  • Standard metrics to measure
  • Tools that we use to communicate across teams
  • Improving Jira Tickets (3 Cs - Card/Conversation/Confirmation)
  • Stickies are cool
  • Moving notifications to Slack and pagerduty


Abby Malson

Abby Malson - Site Reliability Engineer for Weedmaps. Lover of Pizza and Hamburgers. Talk to me if you would like to talk about anything tech related or if you also enjoy pizza and hamburgers.