Modeling Better Decisions (breakout 2)

Quality decisions need to be made without full analysis and include uncertainty. Patterns exist. Comparing a new problem to an existing model can help elude analysis paralysis. A 2010 study by LexisNexis showed, “on average, employees spend more than half their workdays receiving and managing information rather than using it to do their jobs!” Recognizing what models we may be using to validate our gut instincts may help us find more models to expand our capabilities



Dustin Thostenson

Dustin Thostenson is an independent consultant, leading Delta3Consulting. He has been a developer, mentor, trainer and agile coach for almost 2 decades. His passion lies in helping people grow and ...

Skylar Watson

Skylar Watson is a software consultant and owner of SkyNet software solutions where he implements high value software to satisfy customers needs. Skylar works with companies both domestically and ...