The Five Marks of a Hybrid Cloud Operating Model (breakout 1)

Everyone is talking about running a hybrid cloud but does anyone really knows what that model should look like? In this talk we are going to explore five marks that organizations share as they move to a hybrid cloud operating model. These marks are:

Goals over technologies - My goals should define my technology

High Immutability - I should DRY (don’t repeat myself) out everything I can as I move from Development to Production

Change At Will - I should move to less change more frequently

Security Baked In - Security should be baked into my work streams not checkpoints between environments

Configuration on Demand - My configuration should be dynamically pulled on demand not an artifact of my deployment

Each mark bears out some guiding principles that an organization can look to as a thematic lens when evaluating process, strategies and technology decisions. We will explore what these themes mean and how to use them when trying to define your journey to operating in this new paradigm.



Stephen Wilson

Steve Wilson has over 20 years in individual and management roles that focus on the application of technology to business strategy. He currently holds the role as Solutions Engineer at Hashicorp. His ...