Accidental DataOps: How we matured our organization with data, and how you can too!

Usually, DataOps means applying DevOps principles to existing data analytics projects. We accidentally reversed it, taking a DevOps initiative and catalyzing adoption of data-driven practices across our company. You’ll leave inspired and equipped to improve your organization with ops data.

What started as a practical initiative to bring better reliability and visibility to our software product had the unexpected effect of catalyzing a transformation that helped our organization become more data-driven across the company. What we learned in the process was how and why DevOps principles can naturally expand the role of a traditional operations team and bring wider culture change to the organization.

This talk is part tech talk about how we collect and analyze data about our product, part culture talk about how we learned to use this data across disciplines, part experience report on our missteps and successes getting our data engineering effort off the ground

My goal with this talk is to inspire DevOps practitioners to rethink about how they use data in their software operations and provide practical tech tips (and mistakes to avoid) to bring more, better data insights to their team and their organization.



Steve Ross

Steve Ross is a software engineering leader specializing in cloud services and data engineering. He is an advocate for small, cross-functional teams and ruthlessly ships software early and often! ...