Move the big (blue) whale: a DevOps Journey

Can big, complex, old enterprise products move faster or is DevOps a start-up club? This is the story of our journey, a tale of how we changed the way we develop, deploy and test software in order to achieve a more reliable, traceable, consistent and faster development pipeline. All done while hundreds of developers were actively developing on the product and clearly didn’t want to be disturbed. I can say it had its moments, treats and fearless heroes, as every good story does, but the result was a reduction of more than 90% in both effort and waiting time. This talk describes the challenges we faced and how we solved them, describing the pipeline we developed and the technology stack that we’re currently using. It also describes the new challenges we still have to face, because DevOps is a journey, not a destination.




Michele Pegoraro

Michele Pegoraro worked in software lifecycle management as a consultant for many clients across Europe in the last 12 years, helping them to design and develop processes for software configuration, ...