Observing Observability

The complexity of the systems we are responsible for has grown significantly over the last decade. High performing teams use monitoring and observability to increase the reliability of these systems. Come along one practitioner’s journey and let his observations guide the way you think about, and change, observability practices in your company.

This talk starts with my early experience on a team struggling with monitoring our new fangled cloud. That experience inspired me to become part of the industry designing and developing the next-generation of monitoring systems. I’ll discuss how every next-gen system in-turn inspires the next monitoring – and Observability – paradigm.

Let my observations on observability help you think about – and change – Observability practices in your company.




Philip O'Toole

Philip O’Toole is an Engineering Manager at Google Pittsburgh. A native of Galway, he has held various software development and engineering management roles, most recently leading teams building ...