Alan Burke

Alan Burke is a senior developer, consultant and director an Annertech.

Annertech are focussed on Delivering Ambitious Digital Experiences and are significant contributors to the Drupal open-source CMS.

Alan has over 10 years’ experience working with Drupal and maintains a number of contributed modules, including Realex payment gateway integration with the Drupal commerce suite, and has been a key member of the Drupal Ireland community, organising numerous events and training sessions.

Alan has spoken at local, national, and international conferences on various topics, including version control software (git), multilingual content websites, and configuration management.

His current fixation is developing Annertech experience across “Jamstack” websites and applications.

He is a currently certified Drupal Grand Master, one of only 3 in Ireland, but also has MSCE and CCNA certification both of which are possibly expired by now.

Alan Burke at Galway 2019

Alan Burke