Pipelines to Production: Detangling the DevOps Web (of Lies)

After 10 years of often heated discussion around the “best” ways to “DevOps”, it seems the community is still no closer to agreeing on the best path to production. In this talk, we’ll discuss the underlying problems that drive practitioners to the DevOps space and the practical business value outcomes that can be achieved using the overarching patterns and practices contained therein.

This will be a combination of examples and short demos that illustrate the different points in the software development lifecycle that commonly create bottlenecks and limit the amount business value a team can deliver to the org or company. We’ll stay clear away from product endorsements and ensure that the concepts we deliver will be applicable to any tool or service the audience may be using.



Jody Wolfborn

Jody is a theatre major-turned-technologist with a passion for languages of all kinds and a soft-spot for animals of the canine variety. As a Solutions Architect at Chef Software, she works to help ...kimball-johnson

Kimball Johnson

Kimball is a Customer Engineer for Chef Software, where he splits his time between giving training on a variety of Chef products, and assisting large enterprises in their (often scary) journey into ...