Enterprise DevOps 10 years on: What went wrong? and what went right?

A decade after the first DevOpsDays the term “DevOps” has permeated the enterprise, with jobs, departments and mega scale initiatives, but is this all aligned with the original spirit or is it bastardization by vendors and consultants? What’s the world of Enterprise DevOps really like and for all the talk, what difference has DevOps made to the massive world of enterprise IT?

Drawing on close to a decade working with enterprises adopting automation and attempting their own DevOps journeys, Nigel will show what the dark matter of DevOps in the enterprise is really like, all those huge deployments struggling to move on from the massive weight of manually managed legacy environments.

This DevOps world is radically different to the one we normally hear about at conferences like DevOpsDays, and the more consultants and software vendors have jumped on the DevOps bandwagon, and the more DevOps Engineer gets abused as a job title, the more cynicism and skepticism we see about this term.

It’s not all bad. These environments have the most room to improve, and there’s real success out there, it just doesn’t look like your typical conference keynote.



Nigel Kersten

VP Eng @puppetize