devopsdays Ghent - Sponsor

We greatly value sponsors for this open event. If you are interested in sponsoring, please check out our prospectus or drop us an email at [[email protected] ].

devopsdays is a self-organizing conference for practitioners that depends on sponsorships. We do not have vendor booths, sell product presentations, or distribute attendee contact lists. Sponsors have the opportunity to have short elevator pitches during the program and will get recognition on the website and social media before, during and after the event. Sponsors are encouraged to represent themselves by actively participating and engaging with the attendees as peers. Any attendee also has the opportunity to demo products/projects as part of an open space session.

Gold sponsors get a full table and Silver sponsors a shared table where they can interact with those interested to come visit during breaks. All attendees are welcome to propose any subject they want during the open spaces, but this is a community-focused conference, so heavy marketing will probably work against you when trying to make a good impression on the attendees.

The best thing to do is send engineers to interact with the experts at devopsdays on their own terms.

Sponsor FAQ

What exactly will the sponsors have available to them in the sponsors’ room?
For silver sponsors we will provide a high standing table (cocktail table). Gold and platinum sponsors will get the following space allocated to them: 2m x 2m x 2m. We can provide two tables and 4 chairs. Or you you can bring your booth as long as it fits inside the allocated space. Please email organizers if you have anything higher than 2m so they can check if this is possible. We would love it if you would bring your own posters, table signes, rollup banners, etc to spice up your booth. (Birthday balloons anyone?) We have one requirement: it must fit in the allocated space. We can't make any exceptions as that wouldn't be fair for the other sponsors. We can't promise you will have the posibility to hang banners behind you so it is better to bring rollup banners. Please let us know which option you pick.
Where will the sponsors be located?
For safety and convenience reasons we will split up the sponsors over two rooms and adjacent hallway. Both rooms will be used for food serving and bar. The hallway will be under constant passage of the visitors of the conference.
Should we make ourselves accustomed with the code of conduct?
The code of conduct applies to all participants of the conference. That includes the sponsors too. Please make sure that your employees have read and understood the code of conduct.
What dates/times can we set up and tear down?
Sponsors can access the rooms on October 29, starting at 7:30am. Platinum sponsors will be individually contacted to chose their booth. Gold and silver sponsors will be assigned by the organizers. Sponsors will be notified approximately 2 weeks before the event on their booth locations. We will make sure your table has the equipment that was shipped. Tear down must be done before October 30 7pm.
How do we ship to the venue?
Please coordinate all shipping needs with Maarten Dings from Vooruit.
What should we expect regarding electricity? (how much, any fees, etc)
There are no fees. Your table will be located along the wall with a number of power outlets. We will provide power dividers so you can connect a laptop or screen.
What should we expect regarding WiFi? (how much, any fees, etc)
There will be a free WiFi, but wired connections will not be provided.
Whom should we send?
This is a community event, so it is better to send engineers rather than sales people.
As a Platinum/Gold sponsor, we have a 1- or 2- minute slot to address the attendees. When will that be? How will it work?
Sponsors will address the attendees on the morning of October 29. An email mid October will provide additional details.
When can we eat during the conference?
During breaks the attendees will spent the most time near your booth. To make the most of that time we suggest you eat just before the rush. The catering will be waiting for you and you will have first choice of our fabulous lunch and dinner.
How do we get our free tickets to the event?
An access code will be emailed to you in early October. Please have your attendees register by October 14.
How much dedicated time will sponsors have with the attendees?
We are working on a program schedule, please keep checking the program for updates.
Can we bring small giveaways, stickers, mugs, pens, etc.?
Of course. However we ask you to make it as environment friendly as possible.
Can we raffle off stuff (Lego sets, gift cards, iPads, etc.)?
Yes. We will do this on the second day just before the closing of the conference. Please reach out to use if you plan on doing this. Here we also ask you to make an environment friendly choice.
Will be able to get/scan attendees' details?
Unfortunately for privacy reasons we don't share such details. The name badges will not be scannable. We suggest to ask for our attendees business cards.
We want to rent 'x' for our booth.
We suggest you make use of Levi Party Rental for party equipment and Swing verkoop for AV equipment. When contacting them please mention DevOpsDays Ghent so they can arrange a single shipment for all sponsors. Please be reminded that everything you rent should fit in the space allocated to you.
Can we offer the attendees food/beverages?
It's very kind to offer our attendees extra food and/or beverages (including alcohol) but we will provide excellent foods and drinks during the full course of the conference.
How can we reach out to the attendees through Twitter & LinkedIn Announcements
Please tweet with the hashtags #devopsdaysghent and #devopsdays. Before, during and after the event you can get announcments and stay in touch with us by following us on Twitter
Our sponsor package includes tickets for the speaker dinner, how do we distribute those tickets?
You can choose who to send to the speaker dinner. Once you have have decided who can attend please mail mail their names to [[email protected] ] and we will add them to our list.
Can we have our booth also on Monday October 28?
Monday October 28 is reserved for the devopsdays organizers from over the world. There are no sponsors booths then.
Which hotels can we stay in?
This page has a nice selection.