How to Build a Healthy On-Call Culture

Raise your hand if you enjoy being buried in alerts or woken up at 2 am? (Yeah… thought so.) Ever-rising customer expectations around high availability and performance put massive pressure on the teams who develop and support SaaS products. And teams are literally losing sleep over it.

Until outages and other incidents are a thing of the past, organizations need to invest in a way of dealing with them that won’t lead to burn-out. In this session, you’ll learn how to combine the latest tooling with DevOps practices in the pursuit of a sustainable incident response workflow. It’s all about transparency, actionable alerts, resilience, and learning from each incident.



Serhat Can


Serhat Can is a versatile engineer who has built and operated products as part of the Opsgenie team. He currently works at Atlassian, focusing on Opsgenie. His main interest as the Technical