Yea, But...

  • “Yea, but we don’t have time”
  • “Yea, but that won’t work here”
  • “Yea, but not right now”
  • “Yea, but our business partners are not ready for that”

We have all heard these before! Lets be honest, we have given up because of them! Just picture that manager or director standing there with that concerned face, trying their best to give the “I agree” look, but you know they have already decided to be dismissive of your idea! I think its hilarious how they reach in to their bag of excuses and just hand one out!

This is so frustrating, and I want to help you with some quick responses, and some warnings. Over passion for your idea can work against you! Lets explore this situation we face every day as parts of the DevOps community!



Adam Shake


Adam is a high energy, passionate early adopter of many things IT. He loves to help his team, and others at MediaMath, see the vision of the future and get them excited about where we’re heading. He