Enabling Digital Transformation Through DevOps

To be successful in today’s business environment, virtually all organizations must plan for digital transformation, not only to thrive but to survive. Often, when organizations embark on digital transformation initiatives, they often turn to DevOps to increase business value and improve customer experience. The synergy is clear; the pillars of digital transformation and the practices of DevOps are closely aligned.

Specifically, continuous delivery enables innovation in operations, streamlines processes and eliminates bottlenecks. Continuous testing plays a key role in enabling the continuous delivery pipeline by ensuring customer happiness. In this session, we’ll discuss the role of DevOps in digital transformation. I’ll provide an understanding of the synergies as well as discuss the specifics of how continuous delivery and continuous testing enable digital transformations by streamlining processes, eliminating bottlenecks and focusing on value to the customers.

You’ll learn to how DevOps enables digital transformation in every stage of the delivery pipeline. You’ll learn how to develop a multi-layered, risked-based continuous test strategy that includes test optimization, best practices for automation, shift left and BDD. Finally, we’ll discuss the importance of monitoring in production and amplifying feedback loops for continuous improvement.



Peter Varhol

Peter Varhol is a well-known writer and speaker on software and technology topics, having authored dozens of articles and spoken at a number of industry conferences and webcasts. He has advanced ...