Opening Keynote - New Barriers Of DevOps Transformation

To say it with Mark Twain: All happy DevOps adoptions are alike; each unhappy DevOps adoption is unhappy in its own way. In this talk I want to explore the new barriers of DevOps adoption. Gone are the days that DevOps is a new concept and lack of knowledge, skills or tools is the main blocker for adoption. Yet we don’t find many organisations who truly believe they have reached a mature state of DevOps. What are these barriers and what can we do about it? Come on this journey of exploration with me, where I share the good, bad and the ugly from my experiences with organisations around the globe.



Mirco Hering

Mirco Hering is a passionate Agile and DevOps Change Agent trying to make Software Delivery a more humane place to be. Accenture Master Technology Architect