From Sysadmin to DevOps Engineer - The Easier Way!

The days of being a sysadmin alone are nearly gone, and soon you MUST have developer operations skills to get even the most entry level job managing a rack of servers, of virtualized systems or your own AWS, Azure or Google Cloud environment!

There’s a hard way and an easy way to skill-up and become a Devops Engineer. Your presenter did it the hard way and can help you avoid the problems and pitfalls of gaining this critically-needed skillset.

The presenter will define the journey, show why it’s a valid and important skill path to follow, make recommendations as to what to read, courses to take for free that will help you and what certifications will virtually guarantee your employability in this fun and challenging field.

Attendees will not only get the story of how to make the transition, but the presenter has included best-of-class links to support each and every facet of technology or skillset needed, and loves to give out the slides!



Ross Brunson

Ross has a long history in the world of Training, Certification and Career Enhancement. He began in the US Army and quickly began making applications in CPM, then MS-DOS and various Unices.

He is