Adding Design to DevOps

After the Kubernetes cluster is stood up, Docker continuers are deployed, Jenkins jobs (or similar) are pushing code to production, your cloud app is humming along. Then, it happens: a new feature request.

Designers have long handed-off instructions for new features with only an image or two—static pictures that represent how the coded version should appear. That process is failing us. We don’t need to fire everyone and start over, and we need some new systems and structures to help our teams interact differently.

In this session, we will discover how component libraries are the key to bringing design into the DevOps model. Component Libraries are powerful because they are tech-stack neutral and take little overhead to implement. We hope that using component libraries will transform your DevOps processes and empower your team to interact as never before.



Simon Yost


I empower teams to close the gap between design and engineering so that digital experiences connect people. While specializing in maximizing the potential of multi-disciplinary teams, I create