GitLab Continuous Integration Workshop (Room 1N)

Automated CI/CD is an important part of any DevOps transformation. There are advantages for productivity, security and inclusion to having the CI/CD system tightly integrated with version control, issue management and code review. GitLab, as a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle, includes CI/CD pipelines in all versions both FOSS and commercial. This workshop will walk attendees through the basic architecture of the GitLab CI/CD system and provide a guided tour of creating a simple CI/CD pipeline, understanding the syntax of the declarative pipeline definition .gitlab-ci.yml file and building and deploying a simple application. Attendees should have a basic understanding of the build and deploy process, shell scripting and Docker containers. At the end of the workshop attendees should have enough understanding to begin creating their own pipelines using either or the free or enterprise versions of GitLab they can host themselves.



Steve Grossman

Experienced software sales engineer, servant-leader of pre-sales engineering teams and software engineer with focus on value stream management, agile development, software configuration management, ...