DevOps or not DevOps. Ukrainian edition

This talk should trigger a lively discussion, because as we know from the practice not everyone in Ukraine understand what is DevOps and what is the main goal of its implementation. Plenty of people just have not enough experience to do things in a right way. Or they have no idea how to study on their own or others’ mistakes. From my side, I’ll share own experience about DevOps, answer to the questions what is it in real life and what do we mean talking about DevOps with our partners and customers from Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Also I’ll share my knowledge about CoE and idea of “flexible platform” on the basis of my own and our group experience and world best practices.



Ruslan Kusov

9 years of experience in IT industry as a System Administrator, Network Engineer, DevOps and DevOps Architect.

Created and optimized architecture of different projects for World-known tourism, payment