Fighting toxic working environments

Unhealthy working cultures can creep into all kinds of organisations, from start-ups to large enterprises. Tech teams are sometimes composed from a limited demographic, with newly-skilled practitioners ready to change the world: they’re often male, young and ambitious.

They’ve created some of the greatest technology of the last 40 years, but at what cost to those who participate? Combined with internal politics, insufficient resources and inexperience, these teams can produce some unintended biproducts from stress to sexual harassment and burn-out.

This talk focusses on the factors that contribute to toxic work environments, how to identify them and what each of us can do to make them healthier.



Alex Stanhope


Alex Stanhope has consulted for more than 30 companies over 20 years in the UK technology sector and specialises in helping teams adopt new practices to collaborate better.

Alex graduated at the top