Is Your DevOps Team Ready For Microservices

Listen closely. Close your eyes. I know you hear it coming. It’s the microservices buzz. Well, by now it is more of a quake.

I’ve been on 2 enterprise level microservices implementations. One was greenfield and the other was a migration from a FAT service. It turns out that the 2 easiest things to do when moving to microservices are to DECIDE to do it and to WRITE THE CODE. If you stick around after that, you better be ready for a ride!

I’d like to share my team’s story with anyone who is thinking about going down this path or who has experienced it themselves.



Michael Winslow

Michael Winslow picked up his love for programming when he was 10 years old writing GW-Basic code on his Tandy-1000. With his passion for designing simple solutions to complex problems, Michael has ...