Pack your bags: Build Cloud Native Application Bundles

When we deploy to the cloud, most of us aren’t dealing with just a single cloud provider or even deployment tool. It seems like even the simplest of deployments today needs a load balancer, SSL certificates, persistent file storage, DNS… and somewhere in there is your application.

That is a lot to figure out! The Cloud Native Application Bundles specification was created to help address that problem, helping you manage everything in a single package and focus on what you know best: your application. Porter is a tool that delivers an easy to use, declarative approach to packaging your application using existing technologies. Porter helps you build bundles without needing to be a CNAB expert.

In this workshop, learn how Porter makes it easier to manage cloud native applications in the messy imperfect hybrid cloud world that we live in. We will use Docker, Terraform, and Kubernetes to build a bundle and deploy a bundle with Porter.


Attendees should bring a laptop with Docker installed. We’ll provide Github repos for the workshop material.


The audience will come away with familiarity of the core aspects of the CNAB specification, when CNAB should be used and how to use Porter to author bundles for their own applications. They’ll also become aware of other tooling in the CNAB eco-system.



Carolyn Van Slyck


Carolyn is a software developer based in the wilds of suburban Chicago, working remote on the Microsoft Cloud Native Team. Her passion is developer tools, and building vibrant inclusive open-source


Jeremy Rickard

Jeremy Rickard is a software engineer on the Azure Container Compute team working remotely in Colorado. He works on a number of open source projects, including Virtual Kubelet, Open Service Broker for ...