The IOs app for my daughter

When Paulina was 9 years old, she debuted with Type 1 Diabetes. Since that day, my most import goal is to make her life easy and happy, considering the limitations that an insulin dependent causes on a little girl.

After some visits to doctors in USA, I ended up with a guy from MIT who introduced me to the #WeAreNotWainting world. This basically means that we cannot wait for the FDA approvals, labs decision, country regulations, in order to have technology that is already available there somewhere.

I had to buy some devices in Medwow and craiglist: an entel Edison board, a specific insulin pump, a 916Mhz antenna, and a lithium battery. Also, I had to be an apple developer member, download codes, and learn very fast how to create the app, test it and make it work. In other words, my goal was to create an artificial pancreas that my daughter will have to wear 24/7 and which is based on open source codes which I didn’t understand and AI that learns every 5 minutes which is the best insulin dose for my daughter.

This week marks one year of that great day in which after 40 hours of non-stop I closed the loop.