Play a video game. Lose. Learn about DevOps.

Video games are challenging, frustrating, and (hopefully!) satisfying. So is the world of DevOps: Challenge, frustration, and satisfaction are key ingredients in high performing teams. Unlike video games, however, in DevOps we can redesign the game to improve our chances of winning.

In this talk we will:

  • Play a collaborative video game.
  • Experience challenge, frustration, and satisfaction.
  • Learn how high performing teams change their game to take advantage of these three emotions.
  • Learn how the classic project management time-money-scope triangle of constraints can be transcended into higher performance.

Bonus: The first six people to introduce themselves to Shlomo during the event can join in to play the video game live, on stage, during the talk.



Shlomo Swidler


Shlomo Swidler is Principal Consultant for DevOps and Digital Transformation at Lenovo. Shlomo accelerates innovation and drives business growth at Fortune-1000 firms all over the world. When leading