We are all about DevOps

In this speech I’ll explain why it’s more important to focus on DevOps in cultural aspect, rather than a way to deploy cutting edge technology stack. We’ll look on following topics:

  1. History: why so many companies followed for DevOps buzzword and why DevOps is inherent part of product development.
  2. Standards: how to find out state of DevOps in your company and why you will not get particular answer on this question.
  3. Practical example: here I wanted to present my company as an example of digital post-startup which was experienced the same problems with cultural part even when problems in technical aspects were resolved and standarts were good.
  4. Lessons Learned: which steps you could do for the promotion of cultural aspect of DevOps.
  5. Future: Thinking about what do you need to do in the industry further when your company is already Elite Performer and all check points from DevOps books are done.

The speech would be interested in:

  1. Technical leaders who want to see “bottlenecks” in engineers’ communication.
  2. Product managers who want to dive deeper in DevOps topic and correlate DevOps culture growth with product development.
  3. Engineers who are (still) trust in DevOps as in a way to decrease amount of pain in their work.

What is a value for listener: In this speech I will show you a sight on situation which almost every digital product of new wave faced with if it is not Netflix or Google.



Michael Chinkov

6 years in the industry: 2 years of ‘anykeying’, 1 year of outsource system administration and 3 years of building infrastructure platforms and promoting DevOps culture in masses. Now working in AMBOSS