How to build your next application without creating servers

During my speech I will present how to build a serverless application on AWS. I will show

  1. History: how come we must all follow the DevOps trend and why DevOps is inseparable part of today’s digital product.

  2. Standards: how can we see if we’re good at DevOps or not and why won’t we still get a precise answer on that question.

  3. Practical example: here I will describe the situation in companies I’ve recently been working with as an engineer. The big picture is the digital post-startup which has obvious cultural problems even when most of the infrastructure problems and platform technical debt were marked as resolved plus it fits will by DevOps standards.

Who would be interested:

  1. Tech leads being interested in reducing bottlenecks within the engineering cross-domain communication.
  2. Product managers being interested in discovering DevOps and estimating the value of DevOps culture development with the product development.
  3. Surely, engineers who still believe in canonical DevOps as the way to reduce the amount of pain in daily work.

What’s the value for audience: At this talk, we’re going to talk from the inner shell of the organization about problems every digital company, if it’s not Netflix or Google, has stuck.



Roman Boiko

Solutions Architect. I worked in many large companies where I helped customers to implement big scalable and complex projects. I have a lot of hands-on experience in building microservices oriented ...