Steel Thread approach to building large scale architectures

This talk describes the journey of building a brand new, platform-first, microservices architecture at Box. Building a new architectural stack presents a bunch of challenges with design choices, technology selection, and balancing simplicity with richness of feature offerings. A ‘steel thread’ to designing architectures helps identify the critical components of the stack and then gradually roll out incremental features - all while the engine is still running. The challenges really snowball when you on-board live traffic with high scale, high throughput and low latency requirements. The talk aims to share a structure on how to approach building large scale microservices architectures, challenges faced while on-boarding live traffic and finally lessons learnt while doing it.



Gaurav Gargate

Gaurav heads the Services Infrastructure group at Box and has been managing multiple teams through his career. His org builds infrastructure services and frameworks that power Box’s micro-services ...