Checklists: Good Enough for NASA, good enough for your app!

Whether it’s launching a rocket to the moon or deploying an application with Kubernetes, checklists are important. They help provide a reasonable expectation of things that should work in the specific situation you are in. In the case of technology, checklists can help ensure your application remains resilient in times of trouble.

During the era of the shuttle program, NASA would send nearly 6500 pounds of equipment to support each mission. Ensuring every piece of equipment was accounted for and was operational was critical to preparing for the mission. This of course required an extensive checklist which absolutely had to be perfect.

Attendees of this lightning talk will get a brief history of different types of checklists and how to prepare a checklist for their new project. This talk will focus on the operational aspects of deployment by presenting a number of recommended items that should be considered part of a checklist.



Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon is a Senior Cloud Ops Advocate with the Microsoft Azure Advocates. He and the rest of the Advocacy team are focused on helping Developers and Ops teams get the most out of their cloud ...