Kubernetes at Datadog: The Very Hard Way

At Datadog, we’re constantly battling to stay ahead of the growth of our customers. On the infrastructure team, we look for ways to leverage our small team to provide extraordinary benefits to the rest of the organization.

In this talk, we’ll explain our rationale for choosing Kubernetes as the base of our new global infrastructure. We’ll talk about the challenges of providing a consistent experience across multiple cloud providers that lead us to run Kubernetes ourselves. You’ll learn about the infrastructure choices we made, which ones have paid off, and which ones we regret.

Finally, we’ll talk about our vision for Kubernetes at Datadog; how we want to run it, and how we want our developers to interact with it.



Rob Boll

Rob is a software engineer at Datadog in New York where he spends his time focused on cloud infrastructure and the developer platform. He is currently leading the Compute team, working on building and ...