Making our applications greener

We live - and work - in an environmentally unbalanced system. In this talk, I’m hoping to make the audience more aware of the impact IT has on the environment, and leave them with tools that help positively lower this impact.

Did you know that the IT sector is estimated to consume approximately 3.6% - 7% of global electricity, and according to Cisco’s Network Traffic Forecast, we’re anticipating a significant increase in global Internet traffic in the next two years? And that the estimated global energy consumption for data centers and enterprise networks alone was equivalent to about 245 TWh in 2016? That’s more electricity than Spain, Australia or Iran use in a year.

We’ll go through more data on the environmental impact of our IT sector. We’ll use The Green Web Foundation’s “Platforms, Packets, Process” mental model to try to put that data into perspective. Finally, we’ll look at what we can do in our everyday work to make our services environmentally sustainable.

Let’s contribute together towards bringing the balance back.



Marta Paciorkowska

Marta is an Infrastructure Developer at, where she makes sure that 600 microservices work together seamlessly to help users make better choices for themselves and for society. Before switching ...