CI/CD (Constantly Ignoring, Constantly Deflecting): A Case Study of Pervasive Indifference in Technology

Too often as technologists, we want to align ourselves with the apolitical when it comes to the products that we diligently work on. Over the past few years, and more so over the past couple of months, it is more evident than ever that the choices that the companies we work for and efforts that we support directly impact our society for decades to come in significant ways. With great power, comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes the hard reality that we’re not just writing code and never were. With brief looks into Girl Develop It, npm Registry, Chef, and more, we will look at the historical context of these organizations and how by ignoring these apolitical stances we are feeding back into the cycle.



Jocelyn Harper

Jocelyn had a large passion for technology since the age of 9 where she taught herself HTML and CSS to build websites and design layouts in Paint Shop Pro. Many years and Java coding boot camp later, ...