What neuroanatomy and blind spot detection can teach us about DevOps

There are multiple types of blindspots. Here are a couple examples:

  • Optic nerve that blocks light within our field of vision
  • Own car obstructs view of other lanes
  • Biases we have acquired from only living our lives and no one else’s.

While we are able to navigate the world fairly decently with these blindspots, we are blocked from seeing the full picture. This talk will address how operating without checking for blindspots/biases can be detrimental.

We will dive into the neuroanatomy of retinal blindspots and how we correct/compensate to gain perspective of the world. We will also look at blind spot monitor technology to see how the automotive industry addresses hazardous driving situations by detecting cars 100 ft away. You will then learn how this relates to mentality shifts around DevOps. We need to not only acknowledge biases with technology but also put processes in place to continuously check areas in our process we are not actively aware of.

Disclaimer - The technical term for retinal blind spot/blind point is punctum caecum. Also, the automotive industry refers to their technology as “blind spot detection.” Given this context, the term is technical. Recognize that using blind spot to refer to someone’s “short comings”, omissions, or connecting it to their ability to understand is ableist.



Lanice Sims

Lanice Sims is a Business Development Representative at GitLab. Her BS degree emphasis was in neuroscience. After college, she discovered her next big love was technology. She’s been engaged in ...