Remote Desktop, Continuously Delivered

Traveling with multiple electronic devices can be a chore, especially with constraints on size and the hurdles of security. We can try to solve this problem by using a remote desktop accessible from any of our devices but that can take time to set up! What happens when we need another remote desktop quickly? How can we create a remote desktop as on-demand as a container or virtual machine in our datacenter?

In this talk, we’ll apply infrastructure-as-code to create a continuously delivered remote desktop experience. While there are some limitations to a seamless user experience for a remote desktop, we’ll review tools allow us to automate creation and configuration and techniques to ensure it is built reliably. By applying infrastructure-as-code to remote desktop, we can create an immutable remote desktop image, deploy replicas based on our geographic location, and test if our development environment is ready for use.



Rosemary Wang

As an explorer of infrastructure automation and a cloud enthusiast, Rosemary works to bridge the technical and cultural barriers between infrastructure engineers and application developers. She has a ...