Alan S Koch

Alan S Koch, a Project Management Expert, Software Quality Professional, IT Service Management Expert, Business Instructor, Agile Expert and SDLC Coach.

Total Quality Coaching and Agile/DevOps Expert: Because of Alan’s breadth of experience, he brings a pragmatic consulting approach to each training event. He encourages students to raise questions and issues from their own workplace, listens carefully and strives to make the course material relevant to their situations. When appropriate, he freely admits,

“You’re right; this won’t work for you.” Students regularly cite Mr. Koch’s knowledge and patience as prime reasons why they get so much out of his classes and have fun doing it.

A certified PMP and longstanding president of a training and consulting company that helps companies improve the return on their software investment by focusing on the quality of both their software products and the processes they use to develop them, Alan has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and is eager to let others learn from his experiences. These experiences include, but are not limited to contributing to the accomplishment of several successful CMM-Based SPI efforts, presenting at numerous recent software quality and process conferences, and teaching as an adjunct professor of Computer Science. In more than a decade of teaching for ASPE, Alan has delivered his veteran software expert’s knowledge to a wide range of companies and a varied spectrum of industries. Alan has saved companies countless hours and dollars showing them how to leverage better development practices and better business processes to increase their competitive advantage.

Alan was an advocate for integrating development and operations teams long before the term DevOps was coined. He wrote articles and spoke at conferences on the opportunities for synergy, and he worked with his consulting clients to establish what is now known as a DevOps culture, and what we now call a continuous deployment pipeline. Alan’s depth of experience in both Dev and Ops has made him a key contributor to ASPE’s DevOps offerings.

Alan S Koch at Philadelphia 2019

Alan S Koch