Moving Mountains: The Real-World Enterprise Journey to Continuous Delivery

OutSystems set out on a journey to Continuous Delivery, dramatically changing the development processes, delivery, and quality, while at the same time, continuing to develop and deliver new product features.

A few years ago, OutSystems had an annual release cadence. The once-a-year release was blocking us from having customer feedback in the loop as early as we should and our lead time was huge.

Customers want value as fast as possible, and their feedback is of the utmost importance. We needed to be faster and release more often (while maintaining great quality). In the last few years, we have transformed how we deliver software, and we’d love to share our journey and experience.



Diogo Oliveira



Diogo is a Senior Software Engineer and Continuous Delivery Expert with a particular a particular passion for DevOps, software quality and software reliability. Currently working @ OutSystems