Non-zero sum game: a talk about diversity.

We won’t talk about differences between microservices in distributed systems nor CPU architectures, approaches to coding or frameworks. We want to talk about the diversity among the most essential “ingredient” of coding. We want to talk about us, software engineers.

When hearing about “diversity in IT” some of us smile, while others frown. It might be something we expect from the company or we might perceive it as unnecessary actions aimed at imagined and nonexistent problems.

Asia (HR Business Partner) and Adam (developer) decided to tackle this problem together. Is there really a need to promote diversity? Why is it so controversial? What are the facts and myths concerning diversity? Come see our presentation to learn more.



Adam Dubiel



Developer, team leader & product owner. Successful deployment and satisfied customers is what he finds the most rewarding in his line of work. Loves programming for the power to create


Joanna Debska