Do you need cap on container? - why use Helm with Kubernetes

Kubernetes workloads are split to entities and are easy manageable, right? So why you should use another abstraction layer on top of abstraction layer? And why one YAML can be better than another YAML? In this talk I will explain benefits from using Helm to manage Kubernetes workloads.

Many people think that Helm is just a fancy add-on to Kubernetes. But using it has a real impact on simplification of Kubernetes workload management. In this talk I will show main advantages of Helm including: using variables, workload definitions splitting and versioning. Using a short examples I will describe how easy can standard Kubernetes YAML be rewritten to Helm templates and how it can speed up ops work on container workloads.



Mikolaj Niedbala



A development is the key - multi directional, dynamic, coordinated. That’s why I administrate, program, take photos. Sometimes I write stories and I tale stories from very far worlds. I think,