Surely You're joking, Mr. Serverless!

Let’s get one thing straight: building and running applications and services without thinking about servers sound like a good idea. But are we ready to do so?

You want to build web applications without servers? You have got to be kidding! Do I? In my talk, I will share my experience of building microservices-based web applications without a single server. No shortcuts. No going easy. I will cover all crucial components like front-end, back-end, SQL and NoSQL databases, a message bus or background processing. Don’t worry, I will also talk about the maintenance part of it as well as visibility and debugging. Come to my talk to find out if I am a joker or not! ;)



Miroslaw Nagas



Mirek has 15 years of experience in building and managing a wide variety of large-scale systems. Always fully committed to looking after high-order bits of innovative products and bridging the