DevOps and K8s: Delivering Cloud Native Anywhere

Microservices and Containers have revolutionized application development and have offered drastic simplifications to how we implement CI/CD. The Orchestrator Wars are over, and Kubernetes has emerged the ubiquitous victor. How do we, as DevOps professionals, embrace and leverage Kubernetes to further simplify and automate our processes and platforms to reduce time to value in our organizations?

In this talk, we will explore various options for implementing K8s in our environments, both on-premises in the datacenter, and in the public cloud. We will survey various routes to production-grade Kubernetes, as well as discuss the implications and capabilities that Kubernetes offers to DevOps.

The Kubernetes ecosystem brings with it a vast array of tools, some new and some familiar to seasoned DevOps practitioners. We will cover some of the best extensions of the Kubernetes orchestration platform and the value that they bring to bear, including: CI/CD tools, Service Meshes, Persistence Orchestration, etc.

In the spirit of full spectrum learning, anti-patterns and “gotchas” will also be part of our discussion, with particular attention paid to areas of friction which require planning and consideration.

In brief, the 25 minute session will cover:

• What is Kubernetes, and why is it pertinent to DevOps? • What does Kubernetes mean for hybrid and multicloud environments? • What about stateful data and Persistence? • What type of automation can Kubernetes provide? • What are the gotchas and concerns for Enterprise adoption? • LIVE DEMO of Kubernetes in action in multiple cloud environments.



Chris Merz

Chris Merz is a technologist with 25 years of Web and global systems design experience. For the past decade he has viewed the technical landscape through the lens of DevOps and strives to promote ...