Supersonic Java Quarkus with Knative serverless

Knative allows developers not only to address the challenges of using managed services, but also, they can jump into the serverless world easier without specific expertise of Linux containers, Kubernetes, or cloud infrastructure platform. But what does this really look like if you’re, say, a Java developer? What else the developer needs for serverless application?

In this session, you will learn how supersonic subatomic Java, Quarkus with Knative makes developer’s life change super-fast beyond your imagination for cloud-native, serverless application development via a live demo. In the end, you will feel better how cool Quarkus with Knative is for developers to make it more comfortable, easier, and quicker to run serverless cloud-native apps.



Daniel Oh

Daniel Oh is principal technical product marketing manager at Red Hat and works CNCF ambassador as well. He’s well recognized as a cloud-native app development practitioner, container geek, and ...