Site Reliability Engineering and the art of SLOs

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a set of principles, practices, and organizational constructs that seek to balance the reliability of a service with the need to continually deliver new features. An error budget is the primary construct used to help balance these seemingly competing goals. This workshop introduces error budgets and their components: service level indicators (SLIs) and service level objectives (SLOs). Participants will learn the art of creating and implementing SLOs through a series of guided discussions and group exercises.



Dave Stanke

Dave Stanke is a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform, aligned to the DevOps community. He loves talking with practitioners: listening to stories, telling stories, sharing a healthy cry. ...ben-bleything

Ben Bleything

Ben Bleything is an operator and Rubyist from Seattle, WA. He’s spent his career building and running applications for companies large and small across a wide variety of industries. He is ...