This IS the Generative Culture You Are Looking For

“We are all looking for the best of DevOps. As a DevOps Coach, I have had the privilege of working with many organizations in the world who are focused on improving their organizations. They range in industry from military, government and financial institutions to retail and staffing. From highly regulated and high risk environments to those that seem to always be on the cutting edge of technology and culture.

I’m here to say that DevOps Awesomeness is not just for the big 4 (Amazon, Apple, Google, and Netflix)! There are people, teams, and organizations in the audience who have built their own cultures that will enable Awesomeness in 2018. These cultures are generative in nature, this means that the cultures are built upon the notion that people are people and not resources, that we should trust our team mates and people, that we should foster innovation by having a culture of experimentation that doesn’t punish failure and learns quickly from it.

As a coach and consultant I often walk into situations where leaders and their teams think that they need culture before tooling or vice versa. I think that this is the wrong conversation to have and instead of arguing for the chicken vs. the egg, we employ systems thinking to both culture and tooling and make the best decisions for our organizations. We also get to teach everyone to lead, that it’s not just the responsibility of the people with leadership roles to provide the leadership necessary to move from low or medium performer to high performer.

I will also share how transformational leadership influences an organization to continuously improve, always looking to provide and improve value in trying to balance an organizations need to innovate with cost savings. Regardless of whether there is a transformational leader, Organizations that are high performers are not penny wise and a pound foolish, they are experiencing how to move faster and become more profitable and accept risk profiles all at the same time. They are using speed to drive innovation AND security.

This will be an interactive session in which you will have a chance to participate and provide examples of things you don’t like in your organization for anecdotes of how our customers have improved their own situations. My talk will include anecdotes of customer interactions as well as information and stories from my past lives as a developer and devops engineer.

Finally, I will weave everything together to help prescribe the metrics you might want to gather to know which direction you are heading and what you might use to collect the metrics and act on them to make good, data-driven decisions.”



Logan Daigle

Logan is a DevOps Coach with Collabnet VersionOne from Charlotte, NC. He has been involved with providing and implementing DevOps solutions since 2011. He has development and DevOps experience in the ...