Fully automated production deployments with HIPAA HITRUST compliance

It’s possible to have rapid feature delivery and happy developers without sacrificing high security and compliance. At LifeOmic, we’ve built an automated change management system that allows production deployments without slow human approval. We maintain HIPAA and HITRUST compliance while still allowing continuous delivery.

This talks shows how to collect data from BitBucket, Jenkins, and security scan tools to ensure that the approved processes have been followed. You’ll hear how fast production approval incentivizes developers to follow good practices, and become advocates for following the process instead of pushing against it. Automating process checks as a gate to deployments is a great framework for promoting the behavior you want in your organization. Don’t give up on rapid feature delivery just because you work in a regulated industry.



Matt Lavin

Matt Lavin is software engineer who brings his engineering mindset to health problems. He is at LifeOmic using a serverless architecture to help researchers and clinicians understand their data and ...